Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Letter # 39 06/10/13

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm not sure where to start this week. There are lots of things happening. I was in a triple companionship this week until my new oro, Hermana Hatch, got here on Saturday. My corto plazo was working on her own mission papers and things got a little complicated with the medical part, so she wasn't able to come back, even for a few days. So instead, Hermana Hatch came and now we're companions. Another oro from her group tore a tendon in her knee (those knees-- they just don't make them like they used to!) and had to go home, poor thing. She didn't even do anything strenuous, just walking! But things got moved around again and hopefully I'll get to finish training Hermana Hatch. I've learned that anything can happen.

My poor area. It's suffering a little, like a garden I haven't been able to tend :( But now I'm really excited to start things again and get my rhythm back.

I'm sorry I don't have very much to say this week. Things are a little bit tense at the moment in our house of four sister missionaries. I have found a lot of refuge in my personal study every morning. This morning one of the hermanas was talking about how missionaries are the last to receive the Liahona (if we get it at all) and how we hardly ever get to go to the temple, when we're the ones who need it the most. I disagree a little. There is so much strength to be found in just personal prayer (as Enos discovered) and scripture study (as Nephi tells us over and over again) and, as missionaries, I feel like we are the most prayed-for people in the world. I feel support from my family and my friends, and I have often felt support from the other side of the veil. There are a lot more people working with us than we can see. It would be so wonderful to get to go to the temple, but if we live worthily of the Holy Ghost, our covenants stay with us always.

Hermana Phillips

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