Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter # 5 10/4/12

Thanks for your email! I wasn't able to hear the YW broadcast, but we'll be streaming General Conference and the Relief Society meeting here at the CCM. I'm so glad you were able to go and have a good experience, though!

I love being a missionary! I know I'm only in the CCM right now, and it's been really challenging, I know I can do hard things and I know that God is with me. Everyone here is in my life for a reason, from my Mission President to the girls down the hall. My district is really important to me as well-- all four of us. We have grown really close during these 5 weeks, and I feel like they are part of my family. I actually keep having dreams that I come home and the elders are my brothers-in-law, though they never seem to be married to my sisters.

I'm so tired all the time now. Today is the first day I haven't been tired much at all, but I think it's because I didn't sleep at all well last night and now I'm running on adrenaline. It's been a real test to see how much I can do without falling over. I just feel the Spirit all the time and I think that´s what´s draining me. Hopefully I can build up some endurance before I actually get to the field.

I love hearing about home. Finally got the first letter you sent me. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I swear the envelope smells just like home. Funny story though: It took 20 days to get here with a $1.05 stamp, but it only took five days for a letter to get here for my companion with a single forever stamp. Your guess on that one is as good as mine.

Dad, I think you're trying to send me pictures of your trip to China, but I can´t access the site it's linking me to. I'd really like to see them though. I currently can't figure out why I can't send pictures. It may be because the server is just really bogged down with a dozen missionaries trying to email furiously all at once. I'm sitting in the computer lab and it sounds like a thousand tiny horses galloping on the desktops. You could cut the intensity with a knife.

I'll tell you a little bit about my district.

Elder Pyper is the district leader. His dad is an officer in the Air Force and his mom is from South Korea, where his dad served his mission. Thus, he knows a lot of Korean and it was a surprise when he got called to South America. He moved around a lot, but he is most recently from Oklahoma. He went to BYU for a year before the mission. He's a really great guy.

Elder Francis is like a younger brother. He has struggled a lot since he got here. Last night he actually told us that he asked President if he could go home on the first day-- I'm SO glad he didn't. Before the mission he had a great memory and he never had to try in school at all. Coming here, it's like the Lord suddenly took away his ability to memorize or remember things in general. I wish I could do something to help, but I think the Lord is really trying to teach him something with this trial. He has such a good heart and I know he'll be better for it.

My compaƱera, Hermana Harris. She is awesome. She likes Star Trek and basically every other nerdy thing our family is into, so we get along great on that level. Her mother is from Mexico and her dad is from Seattle and both speak Spanish. She understands a lot, but never learned grammar. I can't understand anything people say but I know a lot of grammar and vocab now, so we complement each other great.

Can you get one of my sisters to send me an email this week? I love hearing from you, Mom. I love hearing about the garden. I miss you and I love you so much, but I only allow that to throw me farther into this work. I talk about my family a lot when I'm teaching, especially your example and what things have been important to me growing up. I love you so much. I love you I love you I love you.

Siempre, Su Hija,
Hermana Phillips

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