Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter # 62 12/02/2013 Día de Gracias‏

Dear Family and Friends,
I had a pretty good Thanksgiving-- of course it's not the same without family and pumpkin pie, but I did get to celebrate. We had a conference for all the sister missionaries and at the end they surprised us with a turkey dinner! It was so good! The senior couple that was in charge of it is amazing. They go home in a few weeks, so they wanted to do something really nice to say goodbye, I guess. I love them! God must really love, me, because He made sure I got Thanksgiving TWICE in a part of the world where they don't even celebrate it.
So this is what I'm thankful for this month (and in general):
- A mission president and mission president's wife who love and care about me and are 100% converted to serving the Lord in all things.
- A companion who is patient with my shortcomings and also cheerfully obeys the laws of the gospel and the rules of the mission.
- A bishop who is super patient with our Spanish and helps us out with our house.
- A ward mission leader who is dedicated and also has a lot of great ideas.
- That our first Sunday of the month class on missionary work went well. We taught the entire ward how to commit their friends to going to activities/listen to the missionaries and how to bear simple testimony in a missionary lesson. We did practices, and they are now pros.
- San Carlos.
- My wonderful friends and the righteous lives that they live, the lights that they are to others (including me) and their faith in Jesus Christ.
- My amazing mom. There isn't enough space here to talk about her, and I don't want to start crying.
- My amazing dad. See above.
- My amazing sister Michelle and her family.
- My amazing sister Lisa.
- My amazing sister Desiree and her family.
- My amazing little sister Jackie.
- My filtered waterbottle, without which I would surely die.
- The 6 people we placed baptismal dates with this week. Maybe they won't make their goals, maybe they will, but they will all remember that they once felt the Spirit and were inspired to act.
- Mormon Messages. Seriously, I love them.
- Being Mormon. It is the BEST.
- Temples.
- A camera to capture the precious moments and memories.
I could go on.
What are you thankful for?
Love you forever,
Hermana Phillips

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