Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter # 63 12/09/2013 ¿Te Extrañas?‏

Dear Friends and Family,
I think I miss you all more today than I ever have.
Some great things are happening, but I don't have much time to write about it all.
1 - I am in a choir that is going to perform for the mission christmas devotional. Fun! I almost forgot (almost) how much I love and miss singing. It's been a great and rewarding experience.
2 - Changes are coming up and I'll probably get transfered out of San Carlos. Here's hoping I don't have to leave! I love it here!
3 - It's raining today. What a relief! I love it when it rains on PDAY because we don't have to be out WALKING in it.
4 - One of the other sisters in the mission lent me her copy of the General Conference report-- GOLDEN! I'm taking advantage of every opportunity to read as much as possible before I have to give it back.
In other news, the church down here is so different! Hermana Linnell and I were walking the other day and we stopped a nice-looking middle-aged lady. Before we could even tell her we were missionaries, she pulled down her shirt to reveal her garment sleeve, saying, "No no no!! I'm already one of you!!" We were a little taken aback. Without even breaking her stride, she walked rapidly away. Haven't seen her before, nor since that experience.
The sad thing is that's not the first time that's happened to me...
Love you forever!
Hermana Phillips

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