Monday, January 14, 2013

Letter #18 01/14/13

Dear Family,
There's not much to report this week. I've been feeling kind of down for the past couple of days, so I'll just talk about Uruguay.

We check our email in "el cyber" where there are about 15 ancient computers for public use. The same soundtrack plays with anouncements on repeat about every two minutes.

As you walk down the street in the middle of Florida, every once in a while cars pass that blast public announcements and business advertising. Right now one jingle is stuck in my head: "¡Vamos a la playa, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh!" ("Lets go to the beach!") Everyone is at the beach for the holidays still, including two of our most promising investigators, and things are pretty dead. People leave for weeks!

Hermana Vargas and I have been feeling inspired that we need to concentrate on finding potential priesthood holders to teach. We've been praying about it and asking everyone if they know anyone (along with asking for all other references). A few days ago we were trying to track down one of our recent converts who is now completely inactive, Pablo. Apparently with the previous missionaries, he walked up to them and asked, "what do I need to do to be a mormon?" So he was baptized a week later with only attending church once and without having been taught things like the Plan of Salvation and Tithing, according to the teaching record. So we were trying to find him and instead found his younger brother, Gonzalo, who we are now teaching. During our next attempt to find him we found another younger brother, Sebastian, who is also awesome and whom we are also now teaching. We asked in this lesson how many siblings they actually had. 7 sons of priesthood age. So that's an answer to a prayer that is going to be our project for a while!

There are a LOT of religious groups here. The ones that have the deepest hold are Evangelicals, a church called Cristo Vive, and Testigos de Jeovah (Jehovah Witnesses). While I'm fuzzy on the specific doctrine of each one, I am becoming familiar with the specific type of person each attracts. Everyone that we've met in Cristo Vive, for example, are single women above the age of 55. Everyone else is Catholic. Last week we accidentally interrupted an Evangelical meeting. They were nice and we explained a few of the doctrines they asked us about. They make me nervous, though.

I love you!

Hermana Phillips

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