Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter #23 02/18/13

Querida Familia,

We finally had another baptism! Ramon was baptized and confirmed this weekend! I'm really happy for him. I never imagined that the conversion process could be so drastic nor so visible as it was with him. He was found, taught, and baptized in 3 weeks. He's devouring the Book of Mormon, and is willing to live all the commandments. His prayers are incredibly beautiful and humble. And most importantly, he's happy and he knows why.

Before the baptism our branch mission leader was working so it fell on us to get everything ready. There were crickets in the font so we decided to scrub it out. The water heater is broken, so the water was cold. It's a good thing it's only for a few seconds...

At his baptism I sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and one of our other recent converts, Gabriela, gave one of the talks. She also gave one of the talks in Sacrament meeting yesterday, and she said that from this experience, she was able to see her own baptism in a new light and committed to attending every baptism possible in our ward from then on to help welcome the new member. She is the best! Another recent convert, Pablo, baptized Ramon (he was so nervous he kept messing up the prayer, and we had to do the ordinance twice.) My companion and I really wanted the recent converts to be involved in baptisms of new converts, because it helps with fellowshipping.

I have a hard time thinking of things to tell you about while I'm sitting at the computer, so I make a list during the week of things that happen. This week, the only thing on my list was "basket trees." Let me explain:

For some reason, Uruguayos seem to really love lawn ornaments. Everyone has ceramic frogs and turtles in their little front gardens, and many have these giant lawn gnomes that appear to be drinking matte. These aside, what seems to be the stranger tradition to me is cutting hedges and bushes into the shape of baskets. Is this common? I don't ever remember seeing this in the States.

Also, could you send some money? One of my pairs of shoes died this week. The information about the weather in my call packet was a little misleading. Thus, I have a lot of clothes for temperate weather (Uruguay is not temperate.) I don't know how to coordinate money sent to me from home, though, which I will investigate more.

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