Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Letter #24 02/26/13

Querida Familia,
We found out about transfers last night. Hermana Vargas is leaving for an area near Montevideo and Hermana Ocampos will be my new companion. From all accounts she is "divertido" (fun) and "capo" (cool) so I'm excited. I've been with my trainer so long (4 months) it's hard to imagine working with anyone else. Hermana Vargas has a special assignment from President Armstrong. She is going to work with one of the other Hermanas to be a "Traveling Hermana." Since sisters can't go on exchanges with their Zone and District Leaders (obviously) we have very little training and the exchanges we do have the opportunity to do are mostly just to get a break from your companion/area for a while, not for training purposes. So Hermana Vargas and another sister will be going around doing exchanges with the other sisters and training, etc. President wants all of us to be ready when the tsunami of hermana missionaries arrive in April and May.

We also moved. We now are living in a house 25 minutes on foot from our area. It's complicated how it came about, but the situation is "temporary" at least until June when the lease is up. I'll probably be gone by then, though.

These transfers are bringing lots of changes to our Zone. We get new Zone and District Leaders, and a lot of missionaries are being transferred. Our new Zone Leader is Elder Harris from Kaysville, just around the corner from Cherry Hill :)

I'm glad to hear you guys had fun at Desiree and Christopher's. Every time I see little kids I think of Ethan and Ryker and miss them a lot, even though Latino babies look nothing like them (blond hair blue eyes, etc)

It's during the transfers when I seem to miss home the most. Take care of each other. Remember that I love you and think about and pray for you often.

Hermana Phillips

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  1. I wonder if missions will start calling a pair of sisters as APs in addition to the regular APs to serve the needs of having so many sisters.