Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letter #26 03/11/13

Querida Familia,
This week has been interesting. It seems like at the end of hardest weeks is when I realize that they've been the most productive, despite all the opposition. We found 11 new investigators! I didn't even realize until we sat down to do inventory last night. We don't give an accounting just to show our leaders or the Lord. It's also a blessing to recognize progress. (The opposite can also be true.)

We're getting ready for the open house in the chapel this Saturday. It's a big event and requires a lot of coordination with members, leaders, other missionaries, and the community here. My companion is really nervous about it because we haven't had very much training or preparation specifically for this. It seems pretty straightforward to me, but who knows? Prayers specifically for this event would be much appreciated.

My companion is full of Mormon jokes! She told me this one the other day:
Cuàl es el apellido de Adàn y Eva? (What was Adam and Eve's last name?)
Pèrez, porque Dios les dijo que si comen del fruto prohibido, pereceràn! (Pèrez, because God told them if they ate the forbidden fruit, they would perish.)
Pereceràn means "They will perish" and it sounds like Pèrez seràn, which means "they will be Pèrez."

I didn't say the jokes were any good...

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're doing well! The temperature here is cooling down just as there it's warming up. Fortunately, I'll only have one winter here.

Love you forever!
Hermana Phillips

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