Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter #31 04/16/13

Querida Familia y Amigos,
Well, I'm in my new area and we're trying to settle into our new house. I LOVE La Paz, this change is going to be SO awesome. A few things about La Paz:

It is close to Montevideo, and closer to the coast than my last area, so it's much colder, especially since it's turning autumn.
Our ward is AMAZING! We have an awesome, proactive bishopric and Relief Society President. We share the ward with a pair of Elders. There haven't been hermana missionaries in this zone for a long time, and the ward has apparently been asking for sisters for a long while. In fact, the bishop told us in our first meeting with him, "For us, you are angels. We fought to get you here." Wow. Lots of expectations to live up to there, but I know if we just work and work and work the Lord is going to give us success. Fortunately, my new companion, Hermana Hansen from Cedar Hills, Utah, is a hard worker. She's my oro, so she's brand new, but she has zero fear of talking to people, even though she doesn't speak hardly any Spanish. She actually starts more of our contacts than I do! She's wonderful, and I'm so grateful to have her. Lots of energy, which is good because we are opening a new area (which means we have next to nothing to work with). Whitewash! Woohoo!

Lately I've been pondering the impact that the mission has had on me. As all of you know, I am kind of an emotionally unstable person by nature. My first 4 months of the mission were extremely difficult because I couldn't find a balance, and being so tired and hungry almost all the time made it worse. Sometime the months since then, however, the Lord has stepped in. I feel at peace-- I still feel really overwhelmed by the challenges I've been presented with in this transfer (training, opening a new area, whitewash, etc.) but I also just have this feeling that everything's going to work out. I wish I could transmit this feeling to my companion. I remember feeling so lost when I first got here. My trainer was my only point of reference and I got really stressed out just not knowing when we were going to eat next. We've had some problems with the electricity and with the stove in our house, so my companion, coming from the security of the CCM is a little frazzled. I'm trying my best to help her adjust. With patience and diligence, the Lord changes and enobles our character and our nature.

I love you all so much. I hope all is well. Love God and keep the commandments.

Love always,
Hermana Phillips

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