Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter #16 12/31/12

Querida Familia,
¡Les amo! Yesterday I completed 4 months on the mission and 2 months in the field. I'm so tired! I looked back in my journal this morning-- 2 months ago I was a different person. 4 months ago I don't even recognize myself.

Mom told me to write about some of the bad/hard things about the mission, but I won't. I'm actually finding that the hard, the bad, and the ugly are starting to matter to me less and less. The good, the beautiful, and the worth-it are much more at the forefront my mind. It's true that I still struggle (and probably always will struggle) with mood swings, etc., but the Lord for some reason has chosen to bless me more than I could have imagined.

I was thinking about Ammon the other day, about how when he was passed out on the floor and one of the Lamanites raised his sword to kill him. Ammon couldn't do anything (literally) to defend himself. No sooner had this man raised his sword than he was smitten by the Lord and was killed instantly. It was because of the promise, or covenant, that the Lord had made with Ammon's father, King Mosiah,that protected him, as well as the strength of Mosiah's faith. What a blessing it is in my mission to have that same foundation of faith and covenants in my family. We are far away, but I feel like my family, seen and unseen, are always protecting me. I am incredibly blessed by the faith of my family.

We honor our covenants because more than just our own lives depend on them.

I love you.

Hermana Phillips

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